Hi 👋🏻, I am

Nabanita Sarkar

I love to make web beautiful

I am a frontend engineer, based in West Bengal, India, focused in building fast and responsive UI for websites


Hello! I'm Nabanita, a frontend engineer, based in West Bengal, India. My interest in building websites started back in 2012. By fumbling across the internet, I learned a few about HTML!

Cut to 2018, I joined a training program. Although it was on Internet of Things, it rekindled my inclination towards building websites. I decided to dive deeper into the vast world of web development. And since then, I have learnt new stuff everyday.

For past one and a half year, I have helped in creating beautiful and performant websites for clients as well as building intuitive products so that end users can get top class experience.

Aside from building UI, I am proficient in Mathematical Computation and automation using Python. In my leisure hours, sometimes I write short stories, paint or write blogs on latest cool stuff from tech world.


Frontend Developer @ TEAL India

Intern: April 2021 - July 2021, Fulltime: August 2021 - Present

  • Built calculator to show property prices in various cities in India
  • Rendered analytics pages where in map view locality based property information can be seen
  • Built various pages for the main website using Ant Design components

Frontend Engineer @ MinD Webs

March 2020 - March 2021

  • Built dashboard analytics based web application for teacher student task assignment and handling using Redux, React Query and Ant Design components
  • Made frontend UI using React.js and styled-components and handled API integration for a mobile first PWA
  • Created frontend and handled database for a blog integrated, content heavy website using HTML, CSS, Vanilla JavaScript

Frontend Developer Intern @ DSC KGEC

December 2019 - January 2020

  • Built landing page using react for the official website of our college developers’ club




A simple music player concept with skip forward / backward, shuffle, loop abilities

React • Vite • Tailwind CSS • Framer Motion


GitHub profile re-imagined with charts

React • GitHub API • Chart.js • Tailwind CSS